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Open for Business 2015


Now it’s suddenly 2015 (where did 2014 go?) and we just launched the website for our new identity character & mascot design agency, Cubby’s Going Home. www.cubbysgoinghome.se

Our future research and strategy consulting agency SLAAK will be 11 years old in August and still delivering much sought after insights to our customers. We’re also finally in the process of upgrading SLAAK’s website. www.slaak.biz

Speaking of age, we started rasmus.se in 2001 intending it to become a next generation interactive design and strategy agency. Very much a sequel to the fabled interactive design and strategy agency Wognum Art in Stockholm. Which of course failed completely. Mostly due to the non existent market for web agencies after the dotcom-crash. Out of that failure came SLAAK in 2004, and our branding agency for small businesses, Äktafejk, in 2008.

And now, after 14 years, we’re completing a full circle since Äktafejk, due to customer demand, is turning more and more into an Internet marketing agency, specializing in WordPress-based websites, online advertising and public relations activities in social media. A transition not yet showing in Äktafejk’s website, Since it’s the last item in the production queue. And probably will be for some time.

In 2013 we also launched the website älvsjö.biz as an experimental local b2b magazine. It was a project based on volunteer work, and still is. Its, sort of, sleeping at the moment. But we have tons of article material waiting for the final touch. So hopefully we can find the time to publish some of it soon.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you need any of our services.

See you in 2016 :-)



Our futurological research work, done by our SLAAK unit, is rapidly identifying completely new business opportunities, big ones. And way to big for us to handle on our own. So we are looking for partners who can use them.

What we are looking for is strong industrial partners in almost any type of business who wants to invest in their future. Except Venture Capital, if you only have a hoard of cash, then you’re probably stuck with it, while the value deteriorates further.

awesome people

We’re currently spending lots of time brand trickling.

Brand trickling?

Yes, brand trickling, it’s a marketing technique based on socializing, connecting with strangers and bringing out the awesomeness in them. The effect is that you meet a lot of awesome people and make a lot of new friends. A side effect is that your brand will slowly trickle into society in a way that no other marketing can do.

Is it difficult? Can you buy this as a service? Are there any drawback? Do we teach it?

Yes, Maybe, Yes, Yes

Yes, its difficult because you really have to be genuinely interested, completely honest and just being yourself to connect with people on the level it has to be done.

Maybe, because there is a series of extremely hard ethical questions about your motives and stuff that needs to have the right answers. If any answer is wrong then it cannot be done and you cannot buy such a service.

Yes, there are drawbacks, the main one is that if you’re not genuinely interested, completely honest and just being yourself it will backfire a lot.

Yes, we can teach it, but to learn you will most likely have to change yourself, a lot. Its difficult, hard work and it will cost you time and money. But we can guarantee that you will get to know a lot of awesome people, because we do.

slow flow

Slowly slowly we get things done. Every day we get a bit closer, every day something gets improved, every day we get some piece in place. Its some kind of flow, but it’s a slow flow. There are no shortcuts to get it right. Just patient and slow progress.

instant satori

When the world change its important to understand the change.

As a result there is an increasing demand for the services of our futurological research unit SLAAK. And today we switched over SLAAKs website to the new publishing system. The work of moving older material to the new system is ongoing and we will announce several new advanced services during this autumn.



In case you haven’t been following the news during the last year (spring 2012) we can inform you that the world is at a shift. A chaos-point where small changes and initiatives can make the future take a new direction.

So accordingly we are rearranging ourselves into new units and restructure the brands of old ones.

Stay put there will be news.


The first unit created was also perhaps the most extraordinary. When this company was founded, the intention was to create a company truly for the post dotcom and post nine-eleven era. To do this it very soon became clear that it had to have a level of integration between strategy, organisation, identity, products and marketing totally unheard of before. The only tool available, that could achieve this level of integration, was the methods and language of art. Therefore the first unit was created to explore business as an expression of art:

rasmus unit 108 – BUSINESS-AS-ART STUDIO

The unit was later numbered one-hundred and eight because it was such a nice number. And so far it has only created one piece of art, and that is the company rasmus. The creation was made by writing a manifesto expressing the higher meaning of the company existence, and stating that the company itself was a synthetic piece of art. The creation is then fulfilled by a constant stream of related acts of business. rasmus is indeed a very living piece of art.

In retrospect, stating that the company was a piece of art and then treating it as such, has made much more business sense than we had expected. For instance, since the company actually achieves a high level of innovation and unique artistic expression in areas like organisational structure, marketing and business models, all these are protected rights belonging to the original creator. And these rights are likely to be protected, in some countries, up to seventy years after the original creators death. That is a very long time of protection and we will most certainly be prepared to protect these rights in court.

Also, we would never have dared to try the concept of fluid business units, unless the company was a work of art. To have far more business units than people employed does feel insane. In the beginning, this was just a thing we did for fun. Because it made sense if the company was a piece of art. But after a while we realised that these business units made it much easier to use the expertise and knowledge available, in the team and from partners. The concept of fluid business units are probably the most efficient way to organise a knowledge based company ever devised. When we better understand why this is more efficient, we intend to create a method license, so others can also implement the concept.

fluid 5

To think of a corporate identity or a brand strategy without logos is almost impossible. We have a unit of expert logo designers, specialists on graphic identity and design of most print products:

rasmus unit 64 – GRAPHIC ART STUDIO

The task for unit 64 when designing the logo for SLAAK, was:“The logo should be an onomato-graffito equivalent of slapping your hands together, in front of your eyes, hard. Instant satori, just by looking at it. Very Zen.”

Check out SLAAK to see if they made it.

Several more logos created by this unit can be seen at www.aktafejk.se.