awesome people

We’re currently spending lots of time brand trickling.

Brand trickling?

Yes, brand trickling, it’s a marketing technique based on socializing, connecting with strangers and bringing out the awesomeness in them. The effect is that you meet a lot of awesome people and make a lot of new friends. A side effect is that your brand will slowly trickle into society in a way that no other marketing can do.

Is it difficult? Can you buy this as a service? Are there any drawback? Do we teach it?

Yes, Maybe, Yes, Yes

Yes, its difficult because you really have to be genuinely interested, completely honest and just being yourself to connect with people on the level it has to be done.

Maybe, because there is a series of extremely hard ethical questions about your motives and stuff that needs to have the right answers. If any answer is wrong then it cannot be done and you cannot buy such a service.

Yes, there are drawbacks, the main one is that if you’re not genuinely interested, completely honest and just being yourself it will backfire a lot.

Yes, we can teach it, but to learn you will most likely have to change yourself, a lot. Its difficult, hard work and it will cost you time and money. But we can guarantee that you will get to know a lot of awesome people, because we do.