Oh, hi :)

there you are :) You found your way to one of the rare posts on this website that we mostly neglect. Check the websites for our companies by clicking on their logos on the left side, that’s where there is some more action going on. Anyway it was nice to see you here :) Best, […]

Open for Business 2015

Hi, Now it’s suddenly 2015 (where did 2014 go?) and we just launched the website for our new identity character & mascot design agency, Cubby’s Going Home. www.cubbysgoinghome.se Our future research and strategy consulting agency SLAAK will be 11 years old in August and still delivering much sought after insights to our customers. We’re also […]

Open for business 2013

Our companies are now ready to deal with larger projects and bigger customers. Welcome :) Happy New Year! Rasmus


Our futurological research work, done by our SLAAK unit, is rapidly identifying completely new business opportunities, big ones. And way to big for us to handle on our own. So we are looking for partners who can use them. What we are looking for is strong industrial partners in almost any type of business who […]

awesome people

We’re currently spending lots of time brand trickling. Brand trickling? Yes, brand trickling, it’s a marketing technique based on socializing, connecting with strangers and bringing out the awesomeness in them. The effect is that you meet a lot of awesome people and make a lot of new friends. A side effect is that your brand […]

slow flow

Slowly slowly we get things done. Every day we get a bit closer, every day something gets improved, every day we get some piece in place. Its some kind of flow, but it’s a slow flow. There are no shortcuts to get it right. Just patient and slow progress.

instant satori

When the world change its important to understand the change. As a result there is an increasing demand for the services of our futurological research unit SLAAK. And today we switched over SLAAKs website to the new publishing system. The work of moving older material to the new system is ongoing and we will announce […]


In case you haven’t been following the news during the last year (spring 2012) we can inform you that the world is at a shift. A chaos-point where small changes and initiatives can make the future take a new direction. So accordingly we are rearranging ourselves into new units and restructure the brands of old […]


The first unit created was also perhaps the most extraordinary. When this company was founded, the intention was to create a company truly for the post dotcom and post nine-eleven era. To do this it very soon became clear that it had to have a level of integration between strategy, organisation, identity, products and marketing […]

fluid 5

To think of a corporate identity or a brand strategy without logos is almost impossible. We have a unit of expert logo designers, specialists on graphic identity and design of most print products: rasmus unit 64 – GRAPHIC ART STUDIO The task for unit 64 when designing the logo for SLAAK, was:“The logo should be an […]