Open for Business 2015


Now it’s suddenly 2015 (where did 2014 go?) and we just launched the website for our new identity character & mascot design agency, Cubby’s Going Home.

Our future research and strategy consulting agency SLAAK will be 11 years old in August and still delivering much sought after insights to our customers. We’re also finally in the process of upgrading SLAAK’s website.

Speaking of age, we started in 2001 intending it to become a next generation interactive design and strategy agency. Very much a sequel to the fabled interactive design and strategy agency Wognum Art in Stockholm. Which of course failed completely. Mostly due to the non existent market for web agencies after the dotcom-crash. Out of that failure came SLAAK in 2004, and our branding agency for small businesses, Äktafejk, in 2008.

And now, after 14 years, we’re completing a full circle since Äktafejk, due to customer demand, is turning more and more into an Internet marketing agency, specializing in WordPress-based websites, online advertising and public relations activities in social media. A transition not yet showing in Äktafejk’s website, Since it’s the last item in the production queue. And probably will be for some time.

In 2013 we also launched the website älvsjö.biz as an experimental local b2b magazine. It was a project based on volunteer work, and still is. Its, sort of, sleeping at the moment. But we have tons of article material waiting for the final touch. So hopefully we can find the time to publish some of it soon.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you need any of our services.

See you in 2016 :-)