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While it’s been almost sleeping for a couple of years, web-development is becoming really hot again. This time it’s driven by the concept of the semantic web. This is a huge paradigm shift in both content and in technology. The all encompassing social web is also very hot. Right in the middle of this shift lives our web unit:

rasmus unit 57 – WEB STUDIO

This unit doesn’t have a public front and works as a subcontractor to our other units.

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Strategic design isn’t possible without understanding the essentials of brand identity development. So of course we have a unit specialising in this area:


This unit works under the name Äktafejk (which is swedish and means “authentic fake”).

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Toy Characters, as brands, for selling almost anything, is very big in East Asian countries. Like in Japan and Korea. Very few of these characters are European or American brands. Most efforts to build such brands in Europe and America are failures. Our study of this phenomenon showed that the Japanese method for creating and building such brands was quite different from the one used in western countries. To change this we created a unit specialising in creating and building brand-characters the East Asian way:


Unit 22 is currently preparing to release its first brand-character, created by Erika Lockne. it will soon be available for licensing as merchandise.

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Among our currently most fluid units are:


This unit recently released SLAAKSLAAK is a Chaos Intelligence Product containing briefing material. Target audience is experienced creative people working in the cross section between design, information technology, business development, innovation research, marketing and art.

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Our ability to rearrange ourselves, to provide for your needs, are based on a concept of liquid business units. This concept allows a very small number of specialists to manage a very large corporate structure. Enabling the organisation to rapidly shift focus without disrupting workflow.

The first and most important liquid business unit:


This is the unit you as a customer will meet first. We regard all our customers as partners. And partners should be chosen with care, we believe. This is exactly what this unit does. Unit One enters a dialogue with you, to find out if we are suitable to be partners. Everyone at rasmus belong to this unit. Most often the unit is headed by Rasmus Larsson, founder of rasmus

If you are in a hurry, just contact this unit at info@rasmus.se and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


CUSTOMER CENTRIC · Our organisation is a fluid of people, all unique specialists. We rearrange ourselves to provide exactly what you need and nothing else. This creates the highest quality, the most cost effective results and the best possible customer satisfaction. This is our first core competence.

STRATEGIC DESIGN · Everything is design. We think strategically and apply a design process to everything we do. By doing this, we achieve beauty, completeness and fulfilment of goals. This is our second core competence.

CHAOS INTELLIGENCE · The world today is ruled by chaos-mathematics and singular events. Managing it means finding obscure pieces of patterns, understanding how they will influence the world and then creating and inserting new pieces of patterns at obscure places. This is our third core competence.