rasmus larsson

interests and skills

Seriously into Identity Branding, Psyops, Chaos Mathematics and Mind Bending Art.

Has spent the last 25 years working with Branding, Future Studies, Games, Interactive/Social Media, Research and Entrepreneurship.

Supports Free Speech, Human Rights and Democracy.

professional traits

Quick, ingenious, stimulating, alert, and outspoken. Resourceful in solving new and challenging problems. Adept at generating conceptual possibilities and then analyzing them strategically. Good at reading other people. Bored by routine, will seldom do the same thing the same way. Wants to know everything there is to know.

Leadership style is Coaching.


major achievements

Complete Rebranding of four client companies.
Branding strategies, Interaction Design and Communication Concepts for 3 large Internet Banks.
Done 3 major Futurologic studies to predict future business and innovation opportunities, all with different methodology and none using Delphi.
Produced and directed a theatrical seminar/workshop for a customer who run these on a regular basis.
Helped the Major of Bamakao (Capital of Mali) to initiate a telecommunications strategy based on solar powered base-stations.

other achievements

Internet Branding and Communication Strategies for a large number of companies and organizations of all sizes.
Done numerous smaller strategic trend and threat detection studies for clients.
Created and performed numerous creative workshops where the workshop is both a learning experience and an artwork.
Branding and Marketing strategies for several established companies and organizations.
Branding strategies for several startup companies.
Produced several webgames.
Created a roleplaying game.
Created several Business Wargames for educational and decision making purposes.
Built a large number of corporate websites from scratch.
A lot of other stuff.

worked with


Rasmus has worked with clients of all sizes including Nordea, Svenska Handelsbanken, Skandia, American Skandia, Fuji Film, Interactive Institute (National Research), Ericsson, Livia Life Insurance, Coop, Swedish National Radio, Gotland University, University of Linköping, Netsolutions (later known as Framfab), Stockholm Public Library, BLP Entreprenad, Sverok, City of Stockholm, Bäckbom Golf, Maurice Holland Design AB, Weinreich Pain Clinic, Riksteatern, FutureComFactory and Dagöholm Rehab.

executive group member

Rasmus is CEO of Rasmus Larsson AB

Rasmus has been a member of the Executive Group at Tradition Svenska AB (a retail chain specializing in games) and at Wognum Art AB

board member

Rasmus is a board member of Rasmus Larsson AB

Rasmus has been a board member of the University of Stockholm, the Mathematical Institution at the University of Stockholm, the Stockholm University Library, the Student Union at Stockholm University and several other associations.